Unpacking Customers’ Emotions to Create Moments that Matter

Virtual Events
Tue, Nov 30, 2021, 8:00 AM (PST)

About this event

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A new generation of biometric, neurometric, and implicit association tools are bringing hard science to the traditionally mushy realm of figuring out what customers are thinking or feeling, and how that is driving their buying behaviors. In a recent CMO Club virtual roundtable, Joe Sauer, SVP & Managing Director of Sentient Decision Science, and Joe McCambley, CMO of Saatva shared insights from their 18-month journey of bringing data-driven precision to the art of building creative brand narratives. They shared strategies and tactics that helped Saatva shape their creative so that customers would lean in at the right moments in the story arc, make emotional connections and come away with enduring brand imprints.

Questions Answered

What’s the embedded flaw that comes with traditional quantitative research and how can you make an end-run around it?

What new technologies exist that help marketers get to the full truth about what customers are thinking and feeling at a subconscious and emotional level?

How do you get a data-driven understanding of the implicit association between your brand and a particular trait?

How do you understand the brand’s identity via its most recognizable characteristics to inform the story arc of brand narratives?

What are best practices in using data-driven disciplines to identify brand attributes that resonate, differentiate, and drive brand preference and loyalty?

How can you get insights that help you shape narratives that get people to stop in their tracks and pay attention?

What neuro-based research tools can bring new levels of excellence to measuring the efficacy of advertising at scale? What assumptions should you challenge when assessing engagement and influence?

CMO Club members can watch the full Virtual Roundtable here