Unpacking Customers’ Emotions to Create Moments that Matter

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Tue, Nov 30, 8:00 AM (PST)

About this event

One of the biggest issues facing market research today is relying on consumers’ self-understanding of their emotions.

Self-reported, survey-based data is not reliable because we cannot sufficiently evaluate, anticipate, or communicate the impact of emotions on behavior. Even the most sophisticated survey methods used today can’t anticipate the most profitable consumer choices… those that rely heavily on emotional appeal. The gap between research & results exists because many don’t measure the one thing that motivates consumers—emotion.

Join Joe Sauer, SVP & Managing Director of Sentient Decision Science and Joe McCambley, CMO of Saatva the luxury mattress and bedding brand. They’ll discuss all the latest innovation and highlight case studies of how brands are zeroing in on the essential emotional drivers to build messages, assets, and campaigns that trigger emotional responses and create moments that matter. Sentient Decision Science is a pioneer in the advancement of behavioral science methods and technology used to quantify and measure emotion.

What You’ll Learn

1. The importance of understanding emotion evoked after exposure to messaging and the new technologies that measure the true implicit emotional response to that messaging

2. A foundational understanding of the tools and technology available today to quantify and measure human emotion

3. The “can’t say”, “won’t say” conundrum facing market research

4. Learn how brands like Saatva are gaining a creative and predictive edge using automated emotion measures"

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  • Joe Sauer

    Joe Sauer

    Sentient Decision Science, Inc.

    SVP & Managing Director, Europe

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  • Joe McCambley

    Joe McCambley


    Chief Marketing Officer

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