The Fair Exchange: Creating Meaningful Data Exchange Between Brands and Consumers

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Thu, Oct 21, 2021, 7:00 AM (PDT)

About this event

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Michelle Peterson, CMO at Pressed and Richard Lees, Chief Strategy Officer at Merkle, outline steps for acquiring richer customer insights and expanding customer communities by focusing on a straightforward yet all-too-often elusive fundamental: start with building meaningful customer experiences. 

Volumes of customer data doesn’t necessarily add up to “knowing the customer.” Brands that have earned a recurring place in customers’ lives are using insights to deliver value at every customer interaction. This creates the conditions for a virtuous cycle of engagement -- where more customer insights are shared, more value is delivered, and the data exchange flywheel is accelerated.

Questions Answered

How can you build customer experiences that help you go broader and deeper with customers and continually expand your customer communities?

What are the three steps to driving the data exchange?

Since the next generation customer insight acquisition strategies transcend “give to get,” what approaches can marketers use to accelerate the data exchange flywheel?

What are the attributes to continually challenge and evaluate experiences against?

Who are the principle stakeholders marketers should be collaborating with to build today’s experiences and tomorrows?

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