Pandemic Marketing Transformation in B2B

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Thu, Sep 3, 2020, 10:00 AM (PDT)

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According to Marketing Week, "B2B marketers must use the current disruption to shift their habits and focus on more effective ways of working and communicating."

This is not a time to sit still and wait for things to improve. CMO Club members are plotting the future and adjusting dials to come out of this stronger.

What are the key transformation dials for CMOs?

Jon Suarez-Davis, SVP Marketing Strategy and Innovation at Salesforce, Shonodeep Modak, CMO of North America at Schneider Electric, and John Jacko, EVP and Chief Growth Officer at Pentair, led a recent CMO Club Virtual Roundtable emphasizing some of the key strategic areas that CMOs should be heavily weighting during this crucial time.

Create Higher Fidelity Data to Understand the Customer Journey

  • This is a time to get much closer to your customers and understand exactly what motivates them.
  • Understand their journey and how your go-to-market strategy is mapping back to that journey.
  • There is more possible today than ever before with granularity of customer data, the ability to segment and personalize - and if you haven’t already, you have to make that investment in your customer data architecture and supporting systems.

“You have to reachout directly to your customers and listen to what they want. What are the opportunities that they want to realize? What are the challenges they're trying to solve?” - Jon Suarez-Davis, SVP Marketing Strategy and Innovation at Salesforce

Mapping Digital Touchpoints to Physical Touchpoints

  • From the website, to product information systems, to assets shared during video conferences - equipping your salesforce for the realities of digital selling is one of the top pressure points on the CMO.
  • How do you equip your business units from lead generation up through a single source of truth on customer data?
  • There can’t be blind spots anywhere in the customer lifecycle in today’s digital-first economy.

“Mapping your go-to-market is extremely important. Especially now that digital touch points are as important as physical touch points. It's a huge opportunity for us to take what's happening today and capitalize on the fact that our salespeople are remote. They need those insights, and we can deliver them.” - Shonodeep Modak, Chief Marketing Officer North America, Schneider Electric

Reducing Complexity for Customers to Understand your Value

  • Every company is being forced to be good at user experience now
  • Are your digital assets designed for readability and usability?
  • Are you giving users the type of simplified experience that they are used to on the social media platforms they experience? This is quickly becoming the new standard.

“These are the same people who are on Facebook and other digital media at night, and they’re looking for that kind of simplified information. We took 36 websites down to one, and people started to see us as an enterprise, versus a collection of pieces.” - John Jacko, EVP and Chief Growth Officer at Pentair



  • Jon Suarez-Davis

    Jon Suarez-Davis


    SVP, Marketing Strategy & Innovation