New Approaches to Omnichannel and Changing Consumer Expectations

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Thu, Oct 29, 2020, 10:00 AM (PDT)

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With the outbreak of COVID-19, consumer expectations on customer service, e-commerce, and engagement have changed more in the last 8 months than the last 5 years. In this roundtable, Wanda and Ashley will share their experiences and expertise on changing consumer expectations.

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Coming into the year, what was your omnichannel plan, and how did that have to adjust?

  • Accelerated the omnichannel roadmap more than what they would have done in 5 years
  • Historically concentrating on storefront, cautious and slow about building out the omnichannels
  • Shifted to everything in about 6 weeks
  • Partnered with a white glove delivery service. Normally is $150 delivery fee, we need you to do $10 delivery fee
  • Launched in 30% of stores by May. Now expanded to about half of stores.
  • They have now added Postmates into their network.
  • Curbside pickup- had never done that before
  • Testing ship from store
  • BOPUS - buy online, pick up in-store

What was the shift the pandemic caused your company to do, and what was the innovation that followed?

  • Be motivated by the quarter by quarter results
  • New customer growth is huge. Leveraging CRM capabilities, loyalty programs, smart customer analytics, AI, tools that we’ve had in the toolkit that we need to use to continue to be innovative
  • Using outside agency resources for a LOT of their creative
  • Start with what problems are the customers having and what do we need to do to solve those to get them to come back and do business with us
  • The customer is nervous about going to a theatre with a bunch of strangers. Also craving social interactions safely.
  • Created the private watch party - $99 for 20 people, pick from a selection of movies, enjoy a safe outing together

How are you motivating and caring for your team?

  • Weekly emails - wanted to make sure people felt like they were getting credit being recognized across the Org
  • Town halls - after the overall Org town hall
  • Drive-by birthdays

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  • Wanda Gierhart

    Wanda Gierhart


    EVP Global Chief Marketing Officer

  • Ashley Sheetz

    Ashley Sheetz

    At Home Group Inc.

    CMO, CDO

  • Host

  • Jon Suarez-Davis

    Jon Suarez-Davis


    SVP, Marketing Strategy & Innovation