New Approaches to Feel What your Customers Feel - The Science of Knowing Your Customer's Emotions

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Thu, Oct 22, 2020, 10:00 AM (PDT)

About this event

In these unprecedented and historic times, understanding and respecting your customers’ feelings has never been more important—or possible. Behavioral science is now a top research tactic used to give CMO’s the ability to understand how customers actually feel. Beyond what 20th century surveys and focus groups provide, CMO’s can now uncover social sensitivities, improve inclusivity and measure trends to confirm, with scientific certainty, a message is right for the moment.

Dr. Aaron Reid, CEO of Sentient Decision Science, will take you through the measures needed to understand and capture what your customers feel, and solve the three problems CMO’s face today:

- Predicting what customers will actually do when making decisions
- Quantifying the emotional impact of advertising
- Measuring the real relationship your brand has with customers

Dr. Aaron Reid is a psychologist, author, and entrepreneur who builds technology that quantifies the human emotional experience. A published expert in how emotion influences choice, Dr. Reid’s mathematical models of human decision making are the new standard for forecasting the success of new product launches, ad virality, and marketing communication impact.

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