Mobility Data and the App-First Approach to Reaching Customers

Virtual Events
Tue, Oct 12, 2021, 8:00 AM (PDT)

About this event

The erosion of cookies doesn’t have to signal the demise of personalized, integrated, contextually relevant interactions with customers. In a recent Virtual Roundtable, Carol Kruse, Board Director at Valvoline, and Mike Peralta, GM of Marketing Solutions at T-Mobile led a discussion about ethically sourced first-party data that’s helping marketers define audiences and reach customers in mobile-first ways. Where tech giants are closing doors, Mobility Data is opening windows.

Questions Answered

  • What is mobility data and how is it ethically sourced?
  • What are B2B and B2C scenarios that illustrate how mobility data can reach customers and prospects in new ways?
  • What kinds of profiles and audience segments are identifiable using mobility data?
  • What are the kinds of things mobility data can do, and can’t do? What’s on the roadmap?
  • What mobile e-commerce trends are emerging?
  • What are best practices in capitalizing on a mobile-first strategy?

The CMO Club members can watch the full Virtual Roundtable here



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    Carol Kruse


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