Leading Transformation to Support Changing Consumer Behaviors

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Wed, Oct 28, 2020, 10:00 AM (PDT)

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 Renata Ferraiolo, VP Marketing NA at SC Johnson and Heidi Matheys, CMO at Valvoline, share insights into how consumer behavior is changing, and discuss what’s working and what’s not for leading transformation within their companies to support these behavioral changes. This roundtable is catered towards marketing executives leading brand and company-wide transformation.

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Looking beyond the pandemic

Once we exit the pandemic and things return to whatever normal will the focus persist on safety, will you revert to transparency, or pivot to more luxury/white glove or something else?

Safety in store, and safety back on the road. 

Is there optimism for the future?

Sustainability and the pandemic

How are marketing execs leading transformation in response to growing concerns and shifting consumer behavior regarding sustainability?

  • Sustainability went to the backseat a little in the beginning of pandemic for consumers
  • Example: Ziploc bags - sales went through the roof. Launched a campaign to teach consumers how to reuse the bag. Ziploc paper bags and compostable

The effect on message, media, and different channels taking on increase importance

Are you organizing your work and your teams differently with different messaging, media and shifting importance of channels? Are your people rising to the occasion or are you having to make more of the decisions yourself?

If you are focusing more on e-commerce when you haven’t normally focused on it, it is a hard shift. Make sure the right people are in the right places and what that should look like

Challenges in working remotely and managing orgs / talent.

All working remotely and jobs are changing. Things are becoming more connected—more than they have been historically. How do you ensure the right connections in departments and teams? How am I making sure that the insights from the customer service center are reaching the right marketing teams?

  • Right people and right seat and right process
  • Plug the customer service/Tiffani Bova VR
  • Still a WIP - just installed a software to help manage the call center. Added to the call center team objectives and metrics now
  • Ensuring Insights are connecting

The pandemic and planning

How is the pandemic effecting your planning cycle

  • Managing supply and demand
  • Really no short term possibility for planning
  • Long term - pandemic will affect until at least January 2022 - what does that mean?
  • When you don’t have product out there, how do you support the brands without causing consumer frustration.
  • Spending a lot of time on data driven advertising but also investing time in trying to find solutions that you never thought you would need to do. 
  • How to drive awareness while driving sales. Frustration for the CPG is a huge problem. 

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