Developing Resilience in a Rapidly Changing World

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Thu, May 20, 9:00 AM (PDT)

About this event

Many of us in marketing are challenged by a business world that changes more rapidly every year, and the uncertainty that transformation brings. Burnout, depression and anxiety, disengagement, absenteeism, and turnover are all at all-time highs. And it’s hard on us personally, and hard on our organizations and people (especially if you're leading a marketing team). So what can we do for ourselves and for our organizations?

While we cannot change the world around us, we can change the way we respond, adapt, and arm ourselves to tackle challenges and setbacks. This ability is called resilience. And it is a key capacity needed to not just survive, but thrive in the world we live in today. Resilience is defined as the ability to bounce back from challenge, recover from stress, and move forward and thrive.

In this session you will join Alanna Fincke, SVP for Content, and Pam Boiros, Chief Marketing Officer, both of meQuilibrium, to learn the keys for becoming a resilient marketing leader. You’ll gain tools to handle heightened anxiety, create a self-care practice, find work-life balance, and boost positivity -- as well how to model these practices for your team.

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  • Pam Boiros

    Pam Boiros


    Chief Marketing Officer

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  • Alanna Fincke

    Alanna Fincke


    SVP, Director of Content

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  • Host

  • Jon Suarez-Davis

    Jon Suarez-Davis


    SVP, Marketing Strategy & Innovation