Courage in Content Marketing - Leveraging Heart and Science to Create Real Utility

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Wed, Nov 11, 1:00 PM (EST)

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Event Wrap Up:

Let’s talk art versus science and the focus on leveraging emotional versus rational decisions and answer the question: should all CMO decisions around content marketing be data driven? Join Patrick Bernardi, CMO at Hu-Friedy, and Armen Najarian, CMO & Chief Identity Officer at Agari, for a discussion on how to leverage heart and science to create a real utility in marketing. 

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Should all CMO decisions around content marketing be data driven? 

  • It is always a balance. 
  • Yes, research helps ground your audience and grasp your key themes, but ultimately it is the story that sells the content. 
  • Don't get lost in the data!
  • As a marketing leader, you should have a command over the art and the science. 
  • Your "what" should be informed by your "why". 

How do you approach risk in content marketing? 

  • What is the currency that you are trading in for the risk?
  • Some risks can be a risk for loyalty and engagement and not for pipeline or selling. 
  • There's risk everywhere, however you can't get overly scared by the risk. 
  • Risk also depends on your work culture. 

How can you be more authentic? 

  • Listen to your customers and use their insight. 
  • Gain trust from your c-suite to take the risks in the name of authenticity. 


  • Armen Najarian

    Armen Najarian


    CMO and Chief Identity Officer

  • Patrick Bernardi

    Patrick Bernardi



  • Host

  • Jon Suarez-Davis

    Jon Suarez-Davis


    SVP, Marketing Strategy & Innovation