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Thu, Sep 9, 2021, 8:00 AM (PDT)

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Join the CMO Club and Texas 4000 for a CMO Club Cares session where we will help them solve a pressing marketing challenge they are currently facing. 

Marketing Challenges

Marketing Challenge 1 – Maintaining Rider Donors as Individual Donors 

Every year the riders on each team raise funds to fight cancer. Because it’s a different group of riders on each team, we have a substantial number of first-time donors, more than 4,000+ annually. These first-time donors have a connection to the riders. We want them to have a connection to Texas 4000 so they continue to support the organization and our mission. A very small percentage of first-time donors to riders donate the following year to the organization. We would like to have a larger percentage of them who continue to support the organization in the subsequent year.

Marketing Challenge 2 – National Summer Ride Media Coverage

Texas 4000 would like to get a national media story in print or on television about Texas 4000’s summer ride. We believe that the “Why I Ride” stories of members of the team, the epic 70-day summer ride, and stories of giving back through grants and connecting with people facing cancer would make a compelling national media story.

Texas 4000 does get a lot of local coverage in cities and areas we travel during the summer ride.

Marketing Challenge 3 – Expanding Corporate Sponsors of the Summer Ride 

Texas 4000 would like to increase the number of corporate sponsors of the 70-day summer ride. We believe that the fight against cancer, the leadership development program, cycling ride, and the areas we visit across North America on the four routes could be of interest to other global/national companies. 

About Texas 4000

Texas 4000 for Cancer selectively recruits 80 – 90 students from the University of Texas at Austin each year to participate in our 18-month leadership development program which culminates is a 70-day summer bike ride from Austin, TX to Anchorage, AK, all to fight cancer. We recruit young women and men with a passion for the fight against cancer who are looking to grow as individuals to become better leaders. Almost all the student riders have had their lives touched by cancer and have very personal reasons for wanting to join the organization. That reason is referred to as “Why I Ride”, and everyone associated with Texas 4000 - board members, staff, riders, and supporters, also has their own “Why I Ride” story too. This is at the heart of what bonds the Texas 4000 community together.

The 18-month leadership development training program is based on our eight foundational leadership skills. Riders serve in leadership positions and plan all aspects of the 70-day summer ride. The summer ride project planning experience allows them to put the leadership skills they are learning to practical use and to improve their abilities to use them while receiving feedback and encouragement from our program staff.

The 70-day summer ride allows the riders to spread Hope, Knowledge, and Charity in more than 200 communities that they visit on their journey. They spread Hope, letting people touched by cancer know they are riding for them, they spread knowledge by presenting life-saving cancer awareness & prevention information, and they spread charity by presenting cancer research and support services grants as they visit medical facilities and cancer organizations.

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