CMO Club Cares Charity VR: Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation

Tue, Sep 22, 2020, 1:00 PM (EDT)

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About this event

Hosted by: Sandi Caprea, CEO, Growth Avenue Solutions

Roundtable Leaders: Scott Hamilton, Founder, Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation

Karri Morgan, Executive Director, Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation

As a valued member of The CMO Club, we've outlined these Virtual Roundtable highlights plus upcoming events and additional resources below. We hope you enjoy! 


  • Marketing Challenge: The need for a retail marketing give-back/partnership discussion and the benefits and prospects of this from a scalability perspective
  • Focus on Nutrition: Can you tap into celebrity chefs who are working on promoting healthier diets to 1. Prevent Cancer and 2. Help lessen the effects of cancer? Perhaps give donors recipes cards in partnership with these celebrity chefs, etc.
  • Tap into Partners who the CMO Club works with currently: Carol Kruse will work with Sandi to connect Karri and Scott with James Brown, the CEO of EncourageX Platform. Stephanie Anderson also recommended Magnet4 who does personal journey videos and is happy to make the introduction.
  • Let's be real, the whole hour was the highlight! 

As always, keep an eye out on your email and on the website for upcoming events! 

If you would like to get details and full minutes of the event check out this link.